We're back indoors!


That's right, no longer will you have to play English weather roulette with your night out, from Thursday we're open again for indoor drinking, right in the heart of our brewery amongst the tanks that make the beer in your glass. Drinking experiences don't get fresher than this. 11 taps of the freshest Unity beer, a fridge full of cans and delights from our brewery friends and an array of non-beery beverages for your buddies who might not be as into the joy of water, malt hops and yeast as you.

Due to having all this extra space, there's no need to book so just head on down and we'll grab you a table and take your order. On top of this, our taproom is also heated! Drinks, indoors and not freezing, who would've thought. For those sunny days (please more sunny days, it's nearly summer right?!) our beer yard remains open for that brewery alfresco experience like no other. 

We built our brewery around our taproom, a welcoming and inclusive space for you to enjoy our beer at it's absolute freshest in an environment that get's you as close to the beer as it gets. It's been a weird one having our taproom space as a glorified warehouse but we couldn't be more excited to welcome you indoors once more. 

For more info on our faclilities, opening times and directions, hit the taproom link at the top of this page. 

Opening hours:
Thursday 4-10.30pm
Friday 4-10.30pm
Saturday 12-10.30pm

No booking needed!