Webshop & COVID-19

Wow, that escalated quickly!
Hopefully you're all safe and sound staying at home and doing your bit to get this thing under control and save lives! If you're still leaving the house, you're either one of the most incredible people on earth - NHS workers! - or working in a grocery shop, pharmacy or in the supply chain helping keep this country running and making sure people still get food on the table. Big shout out to all those incredible people helping to support those in need in their communities too, times like this bring out either the best or the worst in people and thank goodness so far I've seen very little of the latter. If you're leaving the house for any other reason, you might want to have a little think about that. STAY AT HOME!

So, you guys staying at home are gonna need some beers to get you through it right? You'll be very happy to hear our webshop is open and full of tasty goodies ready to ship to you in 48 hours. If we're going to weather this storm we need all the orders we can get, pubs and restaurants having to close has been pretty catastrophic to our business so when you need to stock up your fridge, place an order on our webshop and feel all nice and fluffy that you're helping a small, independent business stay afloat. 

We not only have a full selection of fresh Unity beer available, we also have up to 50 different guest beers from our friends, cider from some of our favourite producers, soft drinks and some other local produce to get stuck in to.