Unity High Five, Here's To You

Tomorrow, we're celebrating our 5th Birthday here at Unity so we're taking the opportunity to look back over those 5 years and the people that have helped Unity be who we are today. 

In the 5th and final instalment of our Unity High 5 series of long reads, I wanted to shine a light on our community and customers who ultimately we do all this for.

When I started Unity in 2016, I had a vision and a load of experience but very little money. I knew that in order to get this off the ground and make my dream of running my own brewery a reality, I had to bring some more people into the fold. So, after showing my business plan to a group of family and friends, we brought on 7 investors who helped fund the brewery, without these 7 wonderful people we never would have got off the ground and I'm eternally grateful for their trust and confidence in me.

When we decided that in order to expand and reach our full potential, equally in beer quality, output and the ability to have a safe, sustainable and inclusive environment for our staff, we realised we needed to take on some more investment. Diluting our shares in the brewery in order to bring on new investors was a tough decision but ultimately the right one as it led us down the path of becoming community owned! In 2019 we crowdfunded to build our new brewery and brought on another 300 investors, the vast majority of which are local to the brewery and continue to be a massive support. Our new brewery and taproom is dedicated to you.

We have a firm ethos of making beer we want you to enjoy. Beer is the social lubricant that helps you open up with friends, it's the relaxant that makes everything a little less of a chore after a hard day of work, it's unique in bringing ingredients together to create a drink that in turn brings people together. So, our focus is always to make sure we are creating beer that is fun, inclusive and delicious. We do what we do in the way that we do for you and I would like to thank you all for your support over the last 5 years. Seeing people enjoy our beers, be it posting them online or just seeing someone enjoy a pint over chats with friends makes all the hours and soul we put into this all worth it and gives us the motivation to make sure the next 5 years are even better!

I'd like to raise a glass to you our wonderful community of customers, here's to another 5 years of great beer and great times!

Founder & Head Brewer

Come and celebrate with us at the brewery tomorrow!, more details on the Facebook event HERE

You can also keep an eye on (and use!) the hashtag #UnityHigh5 to see all the shenanigans we're getting up to in preparation for our birthday party.