TOAST Companion Series

Pudding For The People
The Companion Series launched last week, led by @toastale We’ve joined this epic collaboration between 25 breweries for the #COP26 Climate Talks. 

Including our Pudding For The People Bread & Butter Porter 5.2% as ones of the 26 limited-edition beers, brewed with surplus bread to prevent food waste.

£26 from every case sold is donated to preserve and regenerate nature: Protecting 3.25 million trees in threatened tropical rainforests with @rainforestuk and supporting UK farmers to restore soil health with @soilhereos capturing 360 tonnes of CO2, holding more water & improving biodiversity 

We’ve signed an open letter to world leaders meeting at COP26, calling for co-operation to protect people and nature from the effects of the global climate crisis.

Pre-order now for £89.95 at:
Box contains 26 unique beers, an exclusive pint glass and special treats. 

Here's to tackling the climate and nature crisis together (over a beer). 

#COPCompanions #TogetherForOurPlanet #ClimateAction

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