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Unity High Five, Celebrating The Network Of Breweries Around Us

Unity High Five, Celebrating The Network Of Breweries Around Us

n the 3rd of our series of 5 long reads we're celebrating the breweries and brewers that without we wouldn't be where we are today. From giving us a head start to sharing ideas and collaborating, we've seen first hand how unique and unified our industry can be.

First up is the awesome couple at the healm of one the UK's finest lager breweries, Lost & Grounded. Alex Troncoso and Annie Clements have been a huge support to us from before Unity started and Alex gave me a job at Camden Town Brewery. We were writing our business plans at the same time and I was lucky enough to get them to cast their eye over mine to check for any glaring problems (there were a few edits!). Our plans couldn't have been more different but here we both are today. I also have Alex to thank for showing me the delicacies and finesse of great lager brewing.

Secondly I want to give a shout out to Ben Ott, the co-founder and Brewing Director of 40ft Brewery. A qualified Master Brewer and Köln native, Ben pretty much taught me how to brew when we worked together at London Fields Brewery. His passion for beer and constant fun sense of optimism is always an inspiration.

The legend that is Bruce Gray from Left Handed Giant and Small Bar has supported us from day one. Not only has Bruce been free with advice on running a company, crowdfunding and generally making the best of the hustle, his former distribution company Big Beer gave us great exposure in Bristol and the west. Bruce also invited us to be involved in the Rainbow Project which connected us with the awesome Alvarado St Brewery in California who we continue to collaborate with.

Next up I want to show some love for Sam at Gipsy Hill Brewery. He's always given us awesome advice on the technical aspects of running a company. When I started Unity, I had plenty of experience in brewing and sales but nothing quite prepares you for running your own company which requires a whole different set of skills. We're planning a couple of really fun collaborations in the new year so keep an eye out for that!

Talking of collaborations, our buddies at Boxcar and Duration brewery have been our most prolific collaborators. The sharing of ideas, techniques and knowledge has really helped us develop our beers to where they are today. We also all built our new breweries at the same time (first brewery for Duration) and continue to share support and ideas.

Shout outs also have to go to local brewpubs Dancing Man Brewery and Steam Town for always lending us a hand or helping us out with ingredients, go check them out for the best food and house brewed beers in town.

Lastly I'd like to make some honorary mentions to our good friends and collaborators Pressure Drop, Deya, Verdant, Elusive, Track and Cloudwater who we continue to learn from and love spending time with.

Next week I'll be giving some well earned love to our incredible staff.

Come and celebrate with us at the brewery on Saturday 16th of October, more details on the Facebook event HERE

You can also keep an eye on (and use!) the hashtag #UnityHigh5 to see all the shenanigans we're getting up to in preparation for our birthday party. 

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Unity High Five, Celebrating Our Trade Customers

Unity High Five, Celebrating Our Trade Customers

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