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There is no Collision, Only The Sea

Only The Sea & Conflux


After a lot of planning… we’re excited to reveal the new name for Collision, our 6.2% hazy IPA, one of our original and best loved beers: Only The Sea. 

We love the beer more than ever - and we’re chuffed with its ever increasing reputation and popularity with our customers, as well as featuring in books by Matt Curtis and Adrian Tierney-Jones  - but the name Collision has never felt quite right for a brewery that stands for togetherness.

So, five years on from its first naming, the time was right to reboot its name and artwork. Only the Sea - or OTS as we're already also referring to it as - reflects how it takes inspiration from the East and West coasts before bringing it all back home to our Southampton shores to become it's own thing. 

It’s taken from French film director Claude Chabrol‘s quote about ‘new wave’ cinema - “There is no new wave, only the sea” - which for us, really reflects the idea of fluidity, fairness and the power of blending ideas. 

Our senior designer Matt Canning has developed some knockout label art for Only The Sea, packed with characters around a ship’s steering wheel. 

We came up with the ship's wheel idea, with lots of characters collaboratively steering, giving a visual cue to Unity’s focus on togetherness,” says Matt.

Inside the can or glass, the beer itself is just the same - rich, soft and satisfying. 

To keep Only The Sea company, we’ve given Unity’s other permanent beer Conflux - our flagship 4.8% hazy pale - a glow up, with new label art too. Representing the coming together of Southampton’s three rivers, it features a mermaid feeding chips to some seagull pals to showcase how well the beer goes with the all-time classic waterside meal.

"We wanted to inject some fun into our core beers and bring them in line with the other Unity can designs,” Matt explains.

We’re buzzing to get these into fridges, bars and bottleshops and spread a bit of Southampton feel all over the UK. We can’t wait to hear what you think! 


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