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Final brews of the year!

Final brews of the year!

The production team have been winding down before the seasonal break and we've got some really exciting releases to share with you in January! Some hoppy delights with a new snappy sessionable Pale Ale, a big traditional hoppy number from May Provisions and two very exciting lagered beers.

We love lager at Unity - truly refreshing, invigorating and life affirming! But of course the the key ingredient is time. A proper lagering can take up to six weeks of patient conditioning, whereas an IPA or Pale Ale can go from grain to glass in just three weeks. The Christmas break is the perfect opportunity to brew something special, and then tuck it in for the duration. Look out for the middle of January where we will be debuting our new Pils, and a big, dark Baltic Porter!

Seasonal opening hours & shipping deadlines

Please, PLEASE, please take note of our seasonal opening hours and shipping deadlines below. There is still time to get beer shipped in time for Christmas, but all courier and local delivery orders must be placed by 11am on Monday 21st December - any orders placed later will be delivered after the Christmas break.

Got a Click & Collect order to pick up? Please feel free to come to the brewery from Monday to Wednesday between 9am and 1pm to get your hands on your Christmas goodies. 

We are also open on Christmas Eve for last minute growler fills, takeouts and present buying - come and say hi from 12-7pm!

Christmas Gift Packs

Are you still searching for a small stocking filler? Or maybe just a little token of appreciation to say thanks at Christmas? Fret not! Try one of our 4 pack gift sets featuring our delicious core range of beers and our big seasonal Stout Hug It Out - rich with cacao, hazelnut and vanilla for a truly decadent treat. 

Fresh Conflux!

The centrepiece of our core range: Conflux Pale Ale. A fresh batch has rolled off the canning line this morning and is tasting juicy, bright and refreshing as ever! We are so pleased with the improvements we've made to this beer over the past 12 months - a new yeast, more hops and a tweaked malt base make for a delicious beer perfect for Christmas. Available by the can or the case depending on how much you want to treat yourself.

Guest Beers

As we head towards the big day a steady stream of guest beers keep arriving at the brewery - hand picked and selected from the best breweries in the country - always direct from their cold store to ours for ultimate freshness.

This week we have treats from Verdant including a rich Export Stout and hop saturated NEIPA, a fresh IPA from Lewes bound buds The Beak and a last minute hop drop from north London pals Pressure Drop.

Mixed Cases

Still undecided on what to drink on Christmas day in your three household bubble? Our mixed cases are all still available on the webshop with something to satisfy all tastes. Are you a fan of big hoppy IPAs? Try our IPA & Pale cases, but what about your favourite Unity Core Range heroes? Don't panic, we've got one for them too! Or do you just want a selection of everything we've got? Check out our Brewer's Selection Box.

So onwards towards the Christmas break - thank you again for all of your ongoing support during the most difficult year we've had as a business. Lockdowns, tiers, table service and more! We like to think of our brewery as being a community which has the power to unify people together through beer, and as proof of this we are still here, still brewing and still together.

So let's raise a glass to togetherness - put your feet up, pull your loved ones close and fill a glass with something truly delicious.



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Two Weeks To go!

Two Weeks To go!

Our Code Of Conduct

Our Code Of Conduct

A fresh start to 2021 at Unity Brewing Co!

A fresh start to 2021 at Unity Brewing Co!

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