It’s been a seriously busy three months since we launched, so for our first blog post in a while, we’re excited to introduce our first seasonal beer, Printemps, which will be available around Easter.

Making special beers for each season is traditional for Belgian and French farmhouse brewers, so in this spirit, we’re going to name ours after the French seasons, with Printemps meaning Spring.

Our seasonals will be created with the help of local hedgerow aficionado the Urbane Forager, and for Printemps 2017, he’s helped us source stinging nettle tips.

Nettles have been used in brewing for centuries and the start of spring is the perfect time to pick them, when the fresh, herbal tips start breaking through the ground. Riverside Park, not far from the brewery proved the perfect place to pick them.

We chose a really simple base of barley and wheat to let the nettles shine through and hopped it with UK grown Cascade for light citrus notes.

So far the nettle flavour is showing itself really nicely as an earthy, herbaceous freshness which complements our house Belgian yeast well.

We’re packaging this week and will be launching the kegs around Easter. Half of this batch will be packaged in 750ml Champagne bottles and will receive a secondary fermentation in bottle with 2 strains of Brettanomyces. This secondary fermentation will give the beer a Champagne-like effervescence and a complex and evolving flavour that will reflect the farmhouse character of the beer.

Keep an eye on our social networks for release dates!