Nocturne Oatmeal Porter

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Taking cues from traditional British and European brewing and hurtling them into the 21st century, Nocturne is our modern take on the classic porter. Dark, rich, and smooth.

Currently available are 2 versions infused with different ingredients:

Grapevine Edition - infused with toasted grapevine prunings from Beaulieu Vineyard

Rosehip Edition - infused with locally foraged rosehips

HOPS: Columbus

MALT: Pils, Golden Promise, Munich, Special X, Pale Chocolate, Carafa Special I, Flaked Oats

YEAST: House Ale Blend

OTHER: Toasted Forage Grapevine (Grapevine Edition), Foraged Rosehip Berries (Rosehip Edition)

ABV: 5%

UNITS: 2.3