Introducing Our Founder & Head Brewer

Introducing our founder and Head Brewer Jimmy Hatherley

Here’s a little bit of background info into the journey that’s brought me to starting Unity Brewing.

Before the beer industry became a huge part of my life five years ago, I worked in wine sales and retail, which gave me the chance to train my palate, hone my sales skills, learn about the drinks industry and meet a lot of great people. But as soon as my Dad started introducing me to the artistry of Belgian beer and innovation of the US craft beer movement in my early twenties, I knew a transition into brewing was inevitable.

My first break was working as the Sales & Marketing Manager for a fast growing East London Brewery, a great opportunity where I got to play a key role in brand development, event hosting and management, plus getting involved in the London Brewers Alliance. Alongside getting seriously into homebrewing, I took every opportunity to spend as much time in other breweries as possible, itching to get more involved in the production side.

My next move was to help run a couple of great craft beer bars (The Hops & Glory and The Kings Arms), before I got my first gig as a brewer, leading the brewing at The Earl Of Essex in Angel (Earls Brewery). The order of the day there was experimentation. Not brewing the same beer twice but constantly refining our processes taught us a lot about ingredients and recipe development. This gave us the opportunity to brew with and learn from some great people, including Thomas Schøn from Mikkeller (now at Rocket Brewing), Gordon McKenzie from Siren (now at The Kernel) and Alex Troncoso from Camden Town (now founder of Lost & Grounded Brewers).

After a stint working at Camden Town Brewery I then moved back from London to my hometown of Southampton, working as the Assistant and Lead Brewer at Flack Manor and Red Cat breweries in Hampshire, getting a couple of awards under my belt for my recipes on the way.

So why Southampton? Well, it’s where I’m from, the beer scene here is booming and I believe it’s crying out for a brewery to call its own. I want to create beers to make my home city proud.

The common thread in all of this is my absolute passion for brewing, beer culture and learning…a lot of learning. Oh yeah and cleaning, a hell of a lot of cleaning. I’ll be injecting every ounce of this into Unity Brewing Co. Hopefully people will enjoy what we’re trying to do at Unity and we’ll get the opportunity to continue learning, developing and brewing beers you can get excited about.